Where are you based?

We get asked this a lot! We have a base camp in rural Argyll but we do not run courses out of it for various boring practical reasons. Our courses happen all over Scotland mostly on the west coast. If you’re interested in hosting a course just get in touch and have a chat

What is a Folkschool?

Folkschools (or Folk Schools) are quite an old concept, but one interpreted in lots of different ways. Started in Denmark in the 19th century they spread around Scandinavia and then to the USA. While there is lots of variance the essential elements are pretty much always the same - education for the people often for adults with a focus on enriching lives and society. We see it as a way to include a whole range of activities under a broad principled banner - the idea that people can connect with each other and with active making through the learning of craft skills.

What is included in a course?

The simple answer is that it depends on your course. Most of our weeks are residential in nature and your course fee includes everything you’ll need once you get there. We do not arrange transport or any extra accommodation outwith the course dates you might need to get to the course. We also don’t provide alcohol, but many find a wee glass of wine at the end of a day in the workshop is quite nice - you might want to bring a bottle with you.