Weekend Courses

We start the year with a programme of weekend courses. They are split between non residential times at GalGael in Glasgow and two residential weekends at Druimsyniebeg Farm, see the locations page for more about where they happen. To book a place on any of the courses please click below.

Half Model Making

GalGael Glasgow

26th and 27th January


In traditional boatbuilding, the half model was often the starting point for the design of a boat. Shaped out of a solid block by hand and eye, the hull would be created intuitively. For us it’s a great way to learn how to read boat plans and how to use hand tools to turn 2D into 3D. We will be working with drawknifes, block planes, spokeshaves and chisels to create the complex curves of the hull of a boat. Everyone will leave with a beautiful model boat of their very own.

In some cases we can accommodate you to make a model of your own boat. If you would like to discuss this, please get in touch before booking.

half model short course

Letter Carving and Gilding

GalGael Glasgow

9th and 10th February


Letter carving is a joyful way to spend time, and a great skill to acquire. Over a weekend we will learn a range of techniques, and everyone will get a chance to carve a name plate for their house, bedroom or office door.

At the end of the weekend, our resident expert in gilding and finishing techniques will teach everyone how to apply gold leaf to their work.

Letter Carving Short Course

Oar Making

GalGael Glasgow

23rd and 24th February



Oar making is a fine and subtle art; part sculpture, part science- making something strong yet lightweight. We will talk about how to size an oar properly and how to select timber, before moving on to make an oar each, using hand tools from drawknifes and spokeshaves to handplanes.

If you would like to make oars for a specific boat, we can help to make sure they are the right size. We can also provide timber for participants to make a matching oar at home after the course.

Oar Making Short Course

Land Marks

Drumsyniebeg Farm

15th to 17th March -


Explore the land in depth with visual artists Kim Rebecca and Hana Wilde. A weekend working creatively with our surroundings, using a range of textile and printmaking techniques to immerse ourselves fully in the landscape. Through sculpture, mark-making and recording, we will discover the potential in natural materials, colours, tools and processes.

The weekend is residential and the fee includes all accommodation and food for duration.

Land Marks Short Course

A Classical approach to wood carving

GalGael Glasgow

23rd and 24th March - £200

A different approach to life drawing. Over a weekend in Glasgow, Cathy Weir will host an introduction to life drawing followed by a workshop in traditional relief carving where we will translate our drawn studies of the nude form into flat carved wooden tiles.

Cathy Weir Carving.jpg

Spoon Carving

Drumsyniebeg Farm - 10th to 12th May -  £200

A joyful weekend at Drumsyniebeg as Anna Wynne teaches the craft of spoon carving. Working with axes and knives, the weekend will take you through basic to more complex techniques to whittle your own set of beautiful wooden cutlery to take home and use in the kitchen. Spoon carving is a wonderful way to learn the fundamentals of woodwork.

The weekend is residential and the fee includes all accommodation and food for duration.

Spoon Carving Short Course