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11th and 12th of JANUARY


A great introduction to using hand tools in a purposeful way. Learn to shape timber by hand, through the production of your own beautiful half model of a boat. Before ships were designed on paper and computers, ideas were often sculpted by hand in 3D as a half hull. We’ll be creating complex hull shapes with planes, spokeshaves, drawknives and chisels. Everyone will leave with a model of their own. 

If you would like to make a model of your own boat, we may be able to achieve that - please get in touch before booking if this is of interest.

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Signwriting 1.jpg

Basics of Signwriting


25th and 26th January


In this weekend course professional signwriter Rachel E Millar will introduce participants to drawing and painting letters by hand. The weekend will start with a short demonstration of the tools and a brief chat about the history of the craft. Students will then spend time practicing brush strokes on paper to get a feel for the painting techniques. After lunch there will be a drawing session where Rachel will explain the basics of two letter styles and sign layout. Each person will choose one short word to draft before its transferred to a prepared wooden board. The rest of the weekend will be concentrated on choosing colours and painting a one-word sign, which will be taken home at the end of the weekend."

Paddle Making


29th February AND 1st of March


In 2020 we are building a lot of canoes and kayaks, and so this year we are running a weekend course in carving your own wooden paddle. Over the weekend, participants will make either a Greenland style kayak paddle or a canoe paddle, all using hand tools. In either case, we’ll build the paddle to your own measurements - it should end up fitting you perfectly. Even if you don’t yet have a boat to go with it, this is a lovely way to learn woodworking skills and to get something really beautiful to keep. 

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Neon bending course

neon making

8th and 9th of February 2020

£380 for 1 day intensive course

We are so excited to be teaming up with our friends from the Neon Workshop in Wakefield to bring the amazing art of neon light making to Glasgow. Despite it’s modern feel the craft working with neon is listed as Endangered by the Heritage Craft Association!

This is an intensive neon introductory session, taught by expert neon makers. Learn everything from transcribing ideas into neon drawings to filling your glass forms with gas.

At the end of the day everyone takes home a piece of neon* they have designed and helped make or directed in making. This workshop should be seen as a 'neon experience day' rather than a 'neon commissioning day'. The two tutors will do their best in the short intense amount of time allocated to assist you in realising your idea, however be aware competent neon making requires a level of skill only achieved through many hours of practice.

The price includes high frequency neon power supply worth £90. Designs should be kept to a maximum of 1.5m glass tube length.


Location: Drumsyniebeg farm

Introduction to Blacksmithing: 17th - 19th April £450 (date changed from printed programme)

Knife and Tool Making: 22nd - 25th May £450

In 2020 we are offering two long weekends of blacksmithing, both taught by Andy Mckenzie. Both are pitched at total beginners but will get you using the forge right away. In our introduction weekend we’ll start with the basics of managing a coal fire, before we start heating and moving metal to create a series of great new things to take home to show off your newfound skills. 

The knife and tool making weekend will see you shaping steel carefully to make a kitchen knife or wood chisel to suit you. We’ll cover the demands of steel, and what can be achieved at the forge, as well as how to fit handles and create razor sharp edges! 

Blacksmithing Course 1

Spoon Carving


8th to 10th MAY -  £250

There are few things more satisfying that making your dinner each night with something you made, and here’s one way to get there. Spend a restful weekend at the beautiful Drumsyniebeg with spoon carver Anna Wynne, learning the craft of hand carving spoons from green wood with axes and knives.

The price includes all accommodation, tuition and food over the 2 day course. Participants can arrive on the 8th for dinner in the house to get an early start to the course first thing Saturday morning.

Spoon Carving