Many people would call Scoraig remote. Technically on the mainland, but without any roads, it’s better thought of as an island, and we will access it by boat. The workshop is right on the beach: a beautiful wooden building looking over the wilds of the north of Scotland.

Getting Here

Scoraig is a fairly far away, with no roads and no regular ferry it takes a bit of planning - but that’s what we’re here for! The best way to get here is to drive to the other side of the loch, to the village of Badluarach, and then someone from the ‘island’ will come and get you in a boat. It can be done on public transport too, if you’d like to get public transport please let us know and we’ll send you good info on buses.


There is no hostel or hotel on Scoraig. We’ll be hosted by members of the community in their own homes, and we will eat a shared meal every day cooked for us by local people. It’s a really special way to see a totally unique place - this really is adventure!