Letter carving is a joyful way to spend time, and a great skill to acquire. Over a weekend we will learn a range of techniques, and everyone will get a chance to carve a name plate for their house, bedroom or office door.

We start the Saturday with basic chisel work - if you’ve done woodwork before this might be a refresher, if you’re a total novice that it’s a good place to start! We’ll then work through the process of laying out and carving a letter “R”, a letter that includes every element you’ll come across in carving. We’ll finish the first day by looking at letterforms more generally, some history and aiming to gain an understanding of shape, form, spacing and weight.

First thing Sunday morning you’ll be laying out your own sign - we recommend not going for anything too long but you can choose a style and form that suits you, be it for front door or your own boat! Most of the day will be working on this carving, gaining confidence with your chisels and enjoying the process. At the end of the day resident expert in gilding and finishing techniques will teach everyone how to apply gold leaf to their work.

Your course fee includes all materials and tools necessary to make a sign to take home. Plus a tasty lunch on both days!

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letter carving