23RD AND 24TH MARCH - £200

A different approach to life drawing. Over a weekend in Glasgow, Cathy Weir will host an introduction to life drawing followed by a workshop in traditional relief carving where we will translate our drawn studies of the nude form into flat carved wooden tiles.

We start the Saturday morning with a session of life drawing in a warm and supported atmosphere. No need to worry if you’ve never drawn before, this is just about learning to look and understand form. After that we’ll head into the workshop for a beginning session on chisels (don’t worry if you’ve not done this before either!). You’ll then have an afternoon to practice your skills and get a sense of what you’d like to achieve before finishing the day with a second life drawing session.

On Sunday we start on the benches right away, laying out and creating a composition with advice from Catherine before spending the day working away on these to create new works of art!

The workshop assumes no skills what so ever, so if you’re a total beginner to all of this we’ll look after you! We provide all materials, tools and tuition you’ll need to gain confidence in drawing, woodwork and composition. We also provide a tasty lunch both days.

Cathy Weir Carving.jpg